How to Get Your Work Noticed as a Writer

Although 2021 is almost over, there’s still time to get noticed for your writing. Aspiring journalists and authors need to showcase their talents in the digital age. Whether you’re treating writing as a hobby or freelancing for fun, make sure to create a presence online. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a few social media platforms that allow content creators to engage with their audience. With just one click, people can access your content and share it with their loved ones in South Africa. Your work can be shared around the world. How magical is that?

Create a Website 

Creating a website is the most important thing a writer can do. It allows readers to review a collection of archived work. Websites build a community full of like-minded people. If the energy is vibrating high, your tribe will feel like family. When you start a blog, you can promote all of your creative content in a safe and uncensored space. Make sure to have readers subscribe to your blog to receive notifications in their inbox. Every time you post, they have the opportunity to read and share your post. Guest posting (having your writing featured on other websites) is also a great way to get noticed. Create projects that you adore and watch how much love and support you will get from strangers.

Create an Event

Creating an event is a great way to meet community members. It also allows you to shamelessly promote your brand. You can collaborate with your local library to offer free writing workshops. At the end of the class, pass out brochures to attendees. Make sure your marketing tools highlight your skills and current projects. Pass out an attendance sheet and have people sign-up for future events. It’s always fun to socialize with like-minded people. Overall, there are many ways to present your work to an audience. You can either collaborate with a notable, more established organization or independently promote your brand in a rented space around town. Have fun with your event. It doesn’t always have to be educational or promotional. You can bond over tea and scones. Just make sure to connect with people in a social setting if possible.

Promote Your Brand

Wear your merchandise. Wear it everywhere. Print t-shirts that have your brand name on them. Create a street team. Walk around town and converse with people who ask about your shirt. Having promotional gear can open doors for you. You should be overly enthused about promoting your brand.

Get Social

Have a press release created and distributed to local and national media outlets about your upcoming event or to help drive interest in your brand. The media can help build credibility for your brand and generate tons of traffic to your website. Creating a group page on Facebook or a business profile on Instagram are other ways to have your work noticed.

Connect With Other Writers

To get your work noticed, it is important to mingle with fellow writers. Make new friends. Surround yourself with people who share your passion. You can be in the presence of other writers by simply volunteering, attending niche-related workshops, getting a job in your desired field, and going to networking events. What is very important is the amount of knowledge you will gain from other creatives. Established writers are happy to share their journey with you. You must not be afraid to ask. As Lauryn Hill said, “If you looking for the answers, then you gotta ask the questions.”

Getting your work noticed as a writer should no longer be frustrating. Opportunities to connect with readers are endless. How do you get your work noticed?

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