Poet Bridget E. Ukeni speaks life into the souls of Black women

Bridget E. Ukeni
Bridget E. Ukeni

About Our Poetic Sister

Bridget E. Ukeni is a Nigerian poet who is currently living and studying in Hungary as a final year medical student.

Bridget performed ‘Not Anymore’ at Fruit of May’s virtual reading on Instagram. The poem is dedicated to people who have been in abusive relationships.

’Fro my Soul is a digital platform for Black women to creatively express themselves. For Fruit of May’s very first poetry event, we collaborated with Learn Writing Essentials to make this event spectacular.

‘Fro My Soul Event

View Bridget’s performance at 39:20. The event was broadcasted on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Poet Talk

“My poetry journey is in search of love, strength, healing, and light. I am passionate about pushing forward to women the message of being ENOUGH. I hope to encourage and uplift people (especially women) through my journey of self-love and healing.”

Live boldly and unapologetically. You are ENOUGH!

Bridget E. Ukeni
Bridget E. Ukeni performing her spoken word poetry

Thank you for your time and energy. We hope you share our content and that of our special guests.

Visit Bridget E. Ukeni’s website to follow her different handles on social media. As always, you can follow us @fruitofmay on Instagram and Facebook.

To be featured on our website, please email us at fruitofmay@gmail.com. We look forward to connecting with more dope poetic sisters soon.

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