Let’s Make A Playlist Together!

I asked my lovely editor if I could do something a little more fun for y’all. I want us to get to know each other better. To me, sharing music is definitely a love language. So, let’s share music together. You can send me suggestions through Fruit of May’s Instagram or Facebook page. Leave a comment or send us a direct message. We want to hear from you.

Every month, I want us to create a playlist together, under the name “li(s)ten(in)’.” Get it? It’ll consist of all the songs we cannot stop listening to. It doesn’t matter the genre or type. I’ll just be your DJ and work on curating the sound.

What are your go-to favorite songs? What moves you? Who is your favorite artist?

I’ll kick things off this month by adding some of my current favorite songs. I like to listen to mellow tunes in the mornings, just to get myself going. This month, I’m feeling a little more downbeat. I’ve been told that I should be an A&R, so I’m warning you; I only listen to good music. Also, I’m more of an R&B girl. So, you’ll hear a mix of alternative, hip-hop, and everything else.

I can’t wait for us to receive your playlist suggestions. Maybe you’ll introduce me to an artist I’ve never heard of or a song I just can’t get out of my head. Thank you in advance. Please, reach out to us with suggestions of songs, artists, or projects. I want us to all be connected together. So, let’s make this playlist together!

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