Fruit of May

You are fruitfully and figuratively made.

Part your hair into four sections, like the holiest of rivers, and massage this truth into your scalp.

The meaning of Euphrates was not hidden from your hands— fruitfulness. The creations of yours that break forth are good and abounding. Nothing is forbidden in the righteousness of creativity.

Your eyes have fell in love with words and the fullness thereof. In your journal, all of life’s inspirations are recorded and written down before you. All are yours for the plucking and publishing.

Poem by: Sienna Morgan

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About Our Poetic Sister

Born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Sienna Morgan is a fresh name in the poetry community, but her name is positively here to stay. With an admonishing, tactful and scripture-esque style of writing, she is sure to captivate. Topics such as bullying, faith, and mental health, are at the heart of her work.

At the present time, she is pursuing a career in the municipal field, because adding value to the lives of those around her with enthusiasm and creativity is her passion! You can check out her newest Editor’s Pick piece titled “Color In Mind”, in the 2020 upcoming anthology, “Colorism Essays and Poems Volume 3.”

Poet Talk

Why I wrote “Fruit Of May”: When collaborating with other people and brands, I like to have a focal point around the things that I create. Specifically when working with a brand, if it has a catchy name or strong mission, it is easy to draw inspiration from those things to come up with something truly unique! It is also a way of showing support and further promoting their cause.

Sienna Morgan

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