Quarantine Tingz

As if the recent passing of my grandmother wasn’t enough, this COVID-19 situation has confirmed the extreme love I have for my family. So much love that I am willing to go extended periods without seeing them if that means that I am lowering their risks of contracting a potentially deadly virus. I always pray for my family, often neglecting myself, but I’ve found myself covering them in even more prayer lately. COVID-19 and my family’s loss has made it more evident than ever that I need to make more time for God, family members, and other loved ones.

We should all place selfishness and disputes behind us because tomorrow isn’t promised, literally. I believe that God is showing us that in a blink of an eye, our worlds can stop. It doesn’t matter what type of job we have, how much money we make, or what type of plans we have made.

COVID-19 has forced us to slow down and spend more time at home. We’ve been able to catch up on quality time and notice things such as how much our significant others have grown or otherwise changed. For those of us with children, we get to see how happy they are to be in our company; and we’re finally able to clean out those closets we’ve wanted to tackle.

Spring break and graduation ceremonies have been canceled all across the world. Those who haven’t prayed in years are finding themselves calling on the Lord’s name. Those who desperately needed a break are getting the rest that they need. People are learning to be compassionate and are helping the needy. People have realized how blessed they are. People are saving money they would have otherwise spent. They are learning to do their hair and nails and not depend on others. Introverts are loving it, and extroverts have realized that being alone sometimes won’t kill them. Sorry. I had to insert a little humor.

What we should take from this is that we need to make more time for God, we need to visit others when we can, we should stop stressing and complaining so much, and acknowledge what’s truly important in life. It’s not our money, positions, possessions, status, or accomplishments. It’s our relationships, both spiritual and personal. I believe that this period of life has been a learning experience for many of us.

Look around. While you’re stuck inside with your loved ones, talk to them. Ask them things you’ve never discussed before. Find out their greatest fears, how you can be more helpful to them, and what they want to occur in the future. Who knows? You may find some hidden similarities. Mental and emotional connections with others are the strongest ever.

Call your loved ones, and spend more than five minutes on the phone. Research topics you want to learn. Watch informational videos on YouTube. Start planning your future endeavors. Read, pray, relax, but most importantly, take care of yourself.

Until next time, I wish you the best.

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