What Is This Chapter Of Your Life Called?

Courage. That’s what I would name this chapter of my life. Courage.

I am growing, and I am pushing myself to do things even when I am uncomfortable. I’m saying yes to opportunities that cause me a great deal of fear. I’m responding assertively before I even have the opportunity to talk myself out of tasks. I am welcoming new adventures. I’m challenging every “I can’t” that I’ve ever uttered. And you know what? Things are becoming easier for me.

My experiences have been rather challenging, but above all, they have also been rewarding. I love the refreshed feeling I experience after I accomplish one of my fears. The next day I feel re-charged and ready to tackle the next obstacle. Overcoming my fears gives me a sense of accomplishment that cannot be matched.

I believe that every person has at least one year that changes their lives forever. That year will stick out among all others. I’ve had a series of them for a while now, but I can admit that the second half of 2019 to this year, so far, tops them all. I have grown into someone I never imagined I could actually be. I am becoming the person I desired to be as a child. One of my greatest wishes is for others to do the same.

As you relax today, reflect on a title for this chapter of your life. Write it down. Writing ideas on paper helps to bring them to life. If you don’t like what you wrote, start making a change today. Whether you like this stage of your life or not, jot down five things you want to accomplish. Reflect on them often, do the work, and watch it all come to fruition.

This chapter of my life is titled Courage, and I’ve already labeled the next one. It is titled Resilience. I want to keep pressing even when anxiety kicks in. I want to keep pushing myself to go further than the last time. I do not want to stop until my mission is complete, and I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that I am the very woman I once dreamed about becoming.

So what would you title this chapter of your life? Not a month or a year from now, but right now at this very moment. Have you tried any new things? Explored new crafts? Are you developing relationships? Getting in tune with your spirituality? Are you planning something big in the future? What are your dreams? Exactly, who do you aspire to be?

Let’s chat. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  1. Great post!

    I would name this season of my life as “Pruning”. Things and people that were not furthering me in life have just been falling like Autumn leaves. And me being human, I have been very emotional about it. It’s like crying over closed doors or spilled milk–when in actuality death and destruction were behind the unlocked door. The spilled milk was actually expired anyway. So instead of being further contaminated by these negative things, I am being pruned for my benefit!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your chapter’s title. Wow! That’s the perfect title when you’re in the process of releasing negative energy that’s not serving you. Our minds are like gardens and we have to learn how to prune it daily. I’m glad you made the decision to uproot the weeds from your beautiful garden.

    2. Thank you. “Pruning.” I like that. That process is so necessary. We always have to make room for new things.

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