An Easter to Remember

I read an article that discussed the inability to attend church for Easter Sunday due to COVID-19. It caused an uproar for some. People were outraged because annual traditions were broken, Easter outfits had to be placed to the side, and some people believed that their praises were blocked.

I beg to differ. My thoughts about the situation vary.

I was not upset about not being able to attend Sunday’s service. My reason is that the church does not substantiate my spirituality. I don’t believe that God is concerned about buildings or fancy outfits.

I know. I know. Hold on. Allow me to finish.

During a dark period in my life, I was absent from church for nearly two years. At the time, I was ashamed because of outside criticism. My feelings gradually changed.

During a discussion about when I would return to church, I shared my thoughts with some individuals. I was discredited when I stated that my relationship with God became stronger during my absence from church. I became closer to Him than I had ever been before. The individuals I talked to shook their heads in disagreement. Their response screamed disapproval, but my relationship with God is personal.

I don’t have to attend church to talk to God. I talk to him daily. I am not forced to wait until Sunday to pray. I don’t have to wait for church functions to give thanks. I can read my bible whenever I choose.

During the most difficult part of my life, I talked to God more than I ever had. I pleaded with Him and learned to hear His voice. I experienced conviction and correction like never before. My entire mindset was altered, and I began to fully understand what life is about. At a point where I didn’t have anything left, I had God.

Don’t misinterpret my words. I am not discouraging people from attending church or religious events. I eventually went back, and I still attend. I love going to church. I always have. I enjoy the environment. However, if the doors were shut forever, I would still be just fine. My spiritual relationship with God is not dependent upon a building.

It is important to be mindful of the judgments we place on one another. We may never see a person go to church, but we don’t know what that person knows, what they do when no one is around, or what type of relationship he or she may have with God.

Easter has passed and churches all across the world remain closed. View the larger picture. Because of technology, the world still has access to sermons. Bibles and apps enable people to study, and prayer allows the world to continue to connect with God.

We may lose access to buildings, but we will never lose access to the Most High as long as we seek Him.

Until next time, I wish you the best.

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