Should Men and Women Go Half on Responsibilities?

There is often a discussion concerning whether or not women and men should split the finances and responsibilities in the household. Ultimately, the decision lies between the individuals who reside together. Couples should not be judged based on their preferences. As cliché as it sounds, what works for some may not work for others. All relationships are not the same. It’s important to not compare them.

Back in the day, it was the wife’s job to take care of the home, meaning her wifely duties. She was responsible for cooking, feeding and tending to the children, cleaning, washing the laundry, and being the nurturer. She also had to be there for her husband. Women were typically homebound due to all of the tasks that needed to be completed. The husband was the sole financial provider.

His time was spent growing crops, tending to the livestock, or otherwise working jobs. That lifestyle was the source of the common phrase, bringing home the bacon. The men were the disciplinarians and the head of the household. Cooking and cleaning weren’t part of their duties. They covered all of the expenses.

In the past, there seemed to be more gender roles than there are, now. The way that things should be done is often up for debate in today’s society. There seems to be an outcry for independence. Some people still believe that women should not have to pay bills, while some don’t believe they should be required to work. Others believe that women should contribute toward the bills or split them equally. Critics argue that if a woman has to help with expenses, then the man should help with the inside chores and other responsibilities.

In my opinion, couples should be able to do what they choose. This topic should be discussed in a relationship so each person knows what is expected of them. Going back and forth with outsiders about which way is the correct way does nothing but cause unnecessary stress. A relationship is between two people.

What goes on in it is solely between the two parties. Times have changed, and it is much more expensive to survive now than it used to be. With the cost of insurance, food, and other necessities, multiple streams of income may be necessary. I believe in being open-minded to whatever decision a couple decides on. As long as relationships are healthy and happy, the way that things are done is no one else’s concern. In conclusion, be great and do what works best for your relationship.

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