Love, Peace, & Comradery

It’s April and it’s time to get back to what makes us whole again. By the way, we miss and love all of our followers. Thank you for your patience.

As promised, we are back and ready to share more articles and a very big project we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

For us, April is all about love and romance. You can expect tons of content on self-love, self-care, and more on relationships in its entirety.

Did you know we’ve teamed up with some phenomenal people (Joshua Gunn, hip hop artist, Lillie Mae, a contestant on Netflix’s “Love Is Blind,” Bruce Bradshaw, digital content producer, and the one and only Torri Moore, owner, and founder of Torri’s Officiant Services) to produce a great digital project about romantic relationships?

Don’t worry, we will clue you in as we get closer to its launch day.

To be honest, COVID-19 has forced us to have a digital project instead of a LIVE event. On another note, for those who have attended our Sister’s Writing Circle event, just know that we will meet again as soon as Big Rona is done terrorizing the world. Until then, we will love each and every one of you from a distance. SOCIAL DISTANCING. But please continue to like, share, and comment on our posts. We would greatly appreciate it!

Moving forward, we’re asking you to find ways to take control of your own happiness. It exists within. Since many of us are quarantined and on lockdown, what are you doing to find inner peace?

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