To Thrift or Not to Thrift?

Fast fashion is cheap, trendy, and hard to resist. I’m a broke college student, so trust me, I can attest to that. I love retail therapy but my wallet does not. We, in general, like to over-consume and over-indulge. We don’t need nearly as many clothes as we buy, but we buy them anyway.

Thank you Forever 21, H&M, and Express. I can’t thank you enough for getting me through all the birthdays, clubs, and job interviews. I don’t know why but every event required a new outfit. I thought I was cute in their opaque shirts and too-tight crop tops with vague sayings and graphics. I never thought twice about buying their jeans. How could you, when they’re cheap and make your butt look good? But these clothes, and trends, don’t last.

I was buying and disposing of most of it, all within the same year. So what gives?

I could rant about the dangers of fast fashion on the planet, but I think it’s a bit redundant. I could provide you with a few links to read, but I care about you and I want you to learn it for yourself. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, please search the terms “fast fashion” or “sustainable clothing.” I want you to equip yourself, so I’m not just feeding you what I feel. OK? I still love you to pieces.

I, however, want us to talk about the ways we create and consume fashion. Moreover, how we can consume fashion more consciously under capitalism? Let’s talk about alternatives!

No. I have not completely broken up with fast fashion, just yet.

I would like to make the switch over to a completely sustainable or ethically sound wardrobe full of clothes, but it’s expensive. For now, I can shop at thrift stores or do more secondhand shopping. Quiet as kept, I should really be spending less money. I’m not proud to admit it but I have way too many clothes. I plan on making more outfits, out of the clothes I haven’t worn. It should be interesting, given my all-black style. Color? I never heard of her. So, we’ll see.

Let’s make a deal because I want us to do this thing together. I would like to challenge you and ask you to try it with me, not only because I’m new to this, but I’m such a fiend for style inspiration.

Every month, you can send me pictures of yourself in an outfit, that features some, if not all, secondhand or thrift store buys. I know you want to show me your best fashions. So, do it. Let’s see each other again, in one month.

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