What does it mean to hear God’s voice?

Who do you turn to when you need guidance, but you are unwilling to converse with a single soul?

For me, I turn to God. My connection with God has gotten deeper and more insightful over the years. Every since I was a child, I would talk to the Most High and incorporate prayer into every aspect of my life. I believe in his healing power and infinite wisdom. I never really questioned what the voice of God sounds like–until now. I have my best friend to thank for that.

My best friend and I always engage in such meaningful conversations over the telephone and sometimes face-to-face. Our conversations range from current events to testimonies. Recently, my friend told me that he is going back to church and getting closer to God. After talking for nearly four hours on the phone, he posed the question: What does it mean to hear God’s voice?

Let’s free the people from deception. If you looking for the answers then you gotta ask the questions. -Lauryn Hill

Well, that’s a very good question. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Only you know what it means to hear God’s voice. To each his own. We all have different experiences in life and God’s voice is communicated to everyone differently.

Overall, people hear the voice of God through their intuition, other people, numbers, and even dreams. There’s no limit to the different ways you can receive God’s word.

How do you know when your prayers have been answered?

I know my prayers have been answered when I start to see my world make a dramatic shift. Things start to align in the most magical way. I can’t explain it sometimes. Let’s just say miraculous occurrences start to unfold. That’s how I know my prayers have been answered. I feel good about the outcome, no matter if it hurts. It’s always for the best.

If you ask for guidance, you have to be prepared for what will be revealed.

And you know the truth by the way it feels. – India.Arie

I believe that the truth you are seeking is revealed to you when you submit to God’s authority. You have to be alert and ready to be moved, spiritually, to a better mental space.

God enables me to find and receive the truth. It’s up to me to seek it first. Once I have a deeper understanding of what’s not adding value to my life, I can make moves to start creating a life worth living.

How do you know that your life is on track?

Patience is a virtue and the older I get, the more I realize that things really don’t happen overnight. I know without a doubt I’m on the right path because I feel good about my future and I have taken the time to understand the demons in my closet.

Before I slayed my demons, I had to understand their purpose in my life. Once I figured that out, it was easier for me to move on. With experience, if I never face my problems, I repeat them. I hate reliving the same lesson. So I learned really quick to seek the answers by reflecting on my past.

You can really heal your soul by understanding past behaviors so you can move towards a future that you know you deserve.

My friend Angie told me, “Once you know your worth, what you deserve, and what adds value to your life, the voice of God will be so clear.” She ain’t never lied!

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