Are You Uncomfortable?

Are you uncomfortable with the way your life is going?

Uncomfortableness makes you long for a change. It forces you to step up, take charge of your life, and move it into the direction that you desire. It makes you cease being content with the way that things are, and more importantly, it causes you to dream.

Our futures stretch beyond what’s happening in our lives now. We unknowingly get used to our current circumstances and forget we have the ability to move mountains with our minds.

Don’t wait for something drastic, painful, or frustrating to occur before you seek out better opportunities. Seek out a better life now, sis.

Take a look around. Are you happy, or are you just comfortable? What would happen if you took a leap of faith and pursued that thing you’ve always wanted to do? Start working on it now while you’re comfortable because one day, you may find things to be different.

Think about a time that you were working a job that you began to hate. Consider how difficult it was for you to get up and go to it each day. What’s the first thing that you said? You said you had to find another job. The unhappiness with your employer forced you to apply somewhere else where you were more satisfied.

When a person dislikes the way their clothing fits, they either start dieting and exercising for desired body changes, or they go to purchase new clothes.

When an individual is dissatisfied with their vehicle, they buy another one. I can go on and on with various examples, but I believe you understand my point.

Whatever it may be that’s causing you to feel uncomfortable needs to be evaluated for change. Take some time to think about what has you discontent, and think about ways to make your life better.

All of us, at some point in life, find ourselves uncomfortable.

The next time it happens to you, remember that your discomfort is encouraging you to grow. Live, love, laugh, and flourish.

What’s your story? Have you recently made a change in your life all because you were uncomfortable? Share your comments below.

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