From planning to bringing dreams to fruition

When you make time for yourself and organize your life around your dreams, miraculous things start to happen. This is true for me. Things are really aligning well with my vision for Fruit of May.

After years of planning, things are coming into fruition one by one. There is power in writing down your visions. With experience, writing things down helps bring my visions to life. Plus, I don’t have to get ready when I am already prepared.

It may be a slow process, but the inevitable is sure to occur with persistence and a solid commitment to my business. In a really dope way, I’m making my inner child jump for joy! She is proud of the woman I am today.

It wasn’t easy. I literally had to release dead weight in order to increase my self-worth. After stepping away from people and things that distracted me from my purpose, things started to immediately flow (happen). I’m still in awe! Vibrant beginnings are definitely underway for Fruit of May.

Always trust your intuition. Make room for failure and never undervalue your worth. This world will have you thinking you’re broken when you’re whole.

Recently, I’ve participated in a pitch competition for Raleigh, North Carolina’s Black Entrepreneurship Week. Prior to pitching my business idea to judges and investors, I attended a 5-day class/bootcamp. It was an accelerated business and marketing course that prepped contestants. Fifteen new and established entrepreneurs were able to learn from a certified business coach. Students learned how to conduct market research, understand their product/service, develop their value proposition and more. This class was a blessing. I met new friends and had a great experience networking with other like-minded people.

I didn’t even want to apply for the pitch competition originally, but my spirit was up for the challenge. After the competition ended, I’ve been on a roll attending more networking events, making partnerships and just walking in my purpose with no regrets. Instead of saying, “NO,” I’m saying, “YES!” To life.

The entrepreneur journey is tiring but worth it. The finish line is there. I just have to keep walking. I firmly believe I have all that I need at the present time. I’m doing all that I can to live a prosperous life.

Giving my all is enough, even if I fail a time or two.

Although I didn’t win the pitch contest, I was able to gain so much business knowledge. Also, I formed a partnership with Nala Latrice International Creative Agency. Nala Latrice won second place at the event (there were three winners). Her company is a platform for students & entrepreneurs to manifest purpose and wealth through motivational speaking & social events.

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