Up-and-coming children’s book author, TKaye Nichols, shares her secret to success

Welcome to the 11th edition of The Intellects. Today we’re chatting with an up-and-coming children’s book author, TKaye Nichols.

Although TKaye is a first-time author, she has 15 years of experience as a content creator.

This veteran writer has had her latest book project, I Am Royalty, Don’t You Know?, sitting on the shelf for almost four years before it was published.

Photo provided by TKaye Nichols

Divine timing and collaborating with the right people (Cameron Knight, illustrator) brought her vision to life.

Her book continues to afford local and national recognition. In April, TKaye, a North Carolina native, was able to attend The LA Times Festival of Books.

TKaye is definitely a teacher of self-love. Through her book, children learn how to love and embrace their natural hair.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A: No, I haven’t always wanted to be a writer, I wanted to be an Anesthesiologist when I was younger.

Q: How do you handle writer’s block?

A: I tend to listen to classical music, dance around my room, and scribble because through those scribbles something profound could come out of it. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. I make notes of everything that comes to mind, take breaks, then I might retire the project I’m currently working on for the day and come back to it when the time is right.

Q: Describe your writing space.

A: My workspace is low to the floor, and made of a lot of throw pillows, posters filled with my vision board/goals for this year, and daily motivational reminders. It has a bohemian feel to it. A friend of mine calls it the dream center because a vast majority of my best ideas are born there.

Q: What comes first, the plot or characters?

A: The plot.

Photo provided by TKaye Nichols

Q: What success has come from being a published author?

A: I had the privilege of being a featured author at The LA Times Festival of Books this past April. It’s the country’s largest book festival.

Q: What was the journey like to publish your first book?

A: It was anything but easy. I wrote the book in undergrad. Excited, I thought it was as easy as just asking someone in the Art Department to help me illustrate my drawings. However, none of the artists returned my emails. Illustrator after illustrator kept falling through. I’m a firm believer in divine timing and after sitting on the book for almost 4 years, I crossed paths with an illustrator who would bring my vision to life.

Q: What’s the significance of the title?

A: In ancient civilizations across Africa we were Kings, and Queens and we held ourselves to the highest regard. We knew our worth, and didn’t allow anyone to negate it. From the way we dressed to the way we styled our hair. That’s why my children’s book is titled I Am Royalty, Don’t You Know?.

Q: If your book was made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?

A: Marsai Martin as the main character.

Q: Are you working on another book?

A: Yes, I am. It’s a continuation of the I Am Royalty series. However, this book is about a child with disabilities and how she doesn’t allow limitations to be placed on her.

Photo provided by TKaye Nichols

Q: Morning person or night owl?

A: Somewhere right in the middle.

Q: What three things does a writer need to know before they publish their first book?

A: Research, Don’t be afraid to ask plenty questions, and market to your target audience.

Q: What would you say is the number one key to success in your business?

A: Persistency.

Q: What’s your favorite line from any movie?

A: Show Me The Money! – Jerry Maguire

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?

A: Meh.

Q: If you woke up as Beyoncé, what’s the first thing you would do?

A: If I woke up as Beyoncé, I would send money back to my parents for them to retire.

Q: Where can readers purchase your books?

A: My book can be purchased on http://www.tkayenicpublishing.com

Q: Where can people go to follow or connect with you?

A: You can follow/connect with me on all social media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @tkayescribes.

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