Soul of Neemah

The rain, tapping on Neemah’s window pane, didn’t relieve her depression. She thought it would, but it didn’t. While gazing at her bedroom door, a warm tear trickled down her eye. She wiped it away, rolled over in bed with one swift movement and began to clear her throat. Occasionally, sounds of thunder would kick in. It made matters worse. All night, her thoughts were slave to her repulsive reality.

The next day she went to work pretending that everything was fine. It wasn’t. No one knew why her emotions were easily controlled. No one knew how to help, so they kept their distance. Neemah was okay with that. She just wasn’t okay with letting go of her best friend. Neemah was lovesick. Loving someone without being loved in return really affected her mentally. She would feel unwanted for days to come. Will Neemah ever find love again?

After two months of healing practices like meditation and journaling, Neemah was back to being a vibrant soul. She realized that if someone doesn’t love her back or want to commit to her, it doesn’t mean she’s worthless.

Neemah understands that whatever is meant for her will always find its way to her life just like a magnet. Sometimes you have to let go of what no longer serves you in order to attract what your soul really needs.

The cycle of feeling unworthy of true love has reached a permanent stop for Neemah. She has God, her loyal tribe and her new boo to thank for that.

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