Are you insecure if you straighten your natural hair?

I believe Black hair is praised by God. It defies gravity. Black people’s natural hair texture is bold, free and beautiful at the same time. Most importantly, it’s magical. I do not think that natural hair is dreadful, ugly, unruly, or unclean. I think it’s heaven sent. When we embrace our hair, we are embracing our truths. So if we straighten our natural hair are we insecure?

Self-love is a choice and nowadays Black women are choosing to appreciate their curls. We are also rocking our hair in styles that make us feel free– Afros, braids, twists and locs. Celebrities like Ava DuVernay, Yara Shahidi and Lupita Nyong’o are not afraid to let their hair flow naturally. Their natural hair is a part of their identity, but clearly, it doesn’t define them as a person. They are able to be trailblazers not because of their hair, but because of their passion and work ethic.

Similar to self-love, natural hair is definitely a choice. Many Black women have traveled down the natural hair journey and never looked back. Others like to rock crochet twists and braids as protective hairstyles. Some love to sport weaves and wigs. Me? I wear my hair in styles that make me feel happy, including finger coils.

Personally, I’ve never worn hair extensions, however, I like to straighten my hair at least once a year. Does this mean I’m practicing self-hate? Not at all!

My hair is simply an extension of my creative freedom. Straightening my hair is a style preference. I am proud of my heritage. Making the decision to temporarily straighten my hair shouldn’t put me in a box.

Believe it or not, your hair is a political statement. Many people make judgment calls based on your appearance. It’s definitely not right, but its reality.

“Now question: is every n***a with dreads for the cause? Is every n***a with golds for the fall? Naw. So don’t get caught up in appearance.”

I’m not for the usage of the n-word but I respect Andre 3000’s artistry and his statement. You can’t judge a book by its cover and a person’s character cannot be overlooked. Do you agree with his lyrics?

If a Black woman decides to straighten her natural hair, get a perm or install hair extensions, do you think she is insecure?

Why do we obsessively straighten or “hide” our crown?

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3 thoughts

  1. I love this. I haven’t had a perm in two years. But I Wash and put rosemary and coconut oil in my hair. Haven’t decided to flat Iron it yet. I don’t want to put any heat on it. I wear wigs until my grows out to the length I want.

    1. That’s amazing! Once I learned how to take care of my hair, I stopped doing things that would totally damage it. Excessively pressing my hair gave me heat damage. Never again. Once a year, if that, is good for me. Thx for sharing!

  2. Definitely not! Straight natural here, I Straighten mine once of month to help with the managabililty of my hair. I feel that when my hair is in a completely natural state, I am not able to style it how I want and it breaks off. Heat styling for the most part has kept my hair intact and I’ve experienced no heat damage so far.

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