Start now, improve later

Dear Sisters,

I urge you to START NOW. Whatever you want to achieve in life, pursue it NOW! Life is too short. Before you know it, the years will pass you by and you will wonder, “Where did the time go?” It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You just have to start. Take baby steps. One task at a time can go a long way. If you start setting goals daily, knock them all down one by one. By next year, you will be able to see how far you’ve gotten in life all because you decided to believe in yourself!

Always remember to study your craft, improve your skills and never hate on others. We all have our own personal journeys to take. One is not better than any other. It’s just different.

Also, you’re never too old to start. If you can breathe, then there’s always room for you to achieve greatness. Starting now will help you eliminate paralyzing fears. You’re just unsure of how your life will change and that’s okay. Just do what you always dreamed about anyway. Everything will work out for the best. Trust the process.

Make sure to hold yourself accountable. Be very persistent and consistent with your pursuit because results don’t happen overnight. It takes time. Doors will eventually open. If they don’t, then knock them down or create a new entryway. The world is yours. When you believe you deserve something, the universe has no other choice but to have your back and to give you everything that you worked hard to achieve.


Mayah Simone

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