I will make it

Whatever you’re going through, I hope you find my poem to be an inspiring piece.

I will make it 

Everyday flowers are grown, plucked, then thrown on stones labeled R.I.P.

In loving memory of people who all had dreams.

I wonder if they ever chased it

or were they steady waiting to make it

was life too hard because face it

we’re all living in a world where everyone is forgotten



the torture will remain.

bodies being slain and for days start rotting

It’s haunting

But I refuse to live my life in fear

I refuse to let this world dictate how I should live

I will make it

so before my flesh turn into dust

I will make my mark right here on this earth

I will shine brighter than the stars above

I will touch people’s soul

with my words

I will speak louder than the agony of pain

until I am heard or at least felt

I will make a way or find a way

but eventually

I will make it


Drop a comment and tell me how my poem made you feel. What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts

    1. All I can do is keep pushing and being persistent with my work. I’m thankful for people like you who read my articles and share their thoughts with me. You’re appreciated 💪🏾🔥🔥

  1. Of course, that’s all anyone can do. Just work efficiently and work consistently and results will come. Thank you for the kind words 😊

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