How to level up: As told by Queens of Hip-Hop

There will be a time in your life when you no longer fear the unknown. When this day comes, your eyes will be wide open to seek the universe’s infinite opportunities. The future will no longer seem threatening, and other people’s opinions will cease to matter. Once you make the conscious decision to positively change your mindset in order to elevate your life, the process of “leveling up” will begin. Advancing to the next level of your life takes hard work and the willpower to want to achieve greatness.

To level up in life, try focusing on one main goal at a time, start wanting more for yourself and stop doing things that don’t contribute to your spiritual growth or wellbeing. No one said this will be easy. Trust me. I’ve dragged my feet on many projects and I have also regretted my decision to fail myself. Life is more fulfilling when you challenge yourself to do the things you always knew you could accomplish.

If you are looking for inspiration and need help putting your best foot forward, we have you covered. Below are five lyrics from Queens of Hip-Hop that teaches us how to level up:

Sha-Rock, “That’s the Joint”

“I’m Sha-Rock and I can’t be stopped/ For all the fly guys, I will hit the top/ Well I can do it for the ones from weak to strong/ I can do it for the ones that are right and wrong”

Sha-Rock  teaches us to create the world we want to live in and to cultivate an unstoppable mindset. She is Hip-Hop’s first prominent female emcee. Also, this queen was the first woman in the game to be a part of an all-male rap group, the Funky Four Plus One More. Male rappers dominated the musical genre then as much as they do now. With that being said, Sha-Rock demonstrates how every queen should hone their skills and challenge the best in order to be the best.

When you are in the process of elevating your life, you have to be extremely confident in yourself and your abilities. The way you value your strengths and weaknesses says alot about yourself and can be a key factor in eliminating self-doubt. Own your flaws and find ways to excel in a world that may not be as accepting to what you have to bring to the table. When others doubt you, grind harder. Show and prove, sister!

Lil’ Kim, “No Matter What They Say”

“No matter what people say/ We got it going on/ Who cares about what they think/ We are the number one”

On the road to leveling up, you must never care what anyone has to say. Well, unless it’s coming from a mentor, your momma, or anyone who supports you and respects your journey to greatness. In general, people will always have something negative to say, regardless of your circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, tall, short, happy, sad, or whatever. Naysayers will always have a way to sprinkle negativity on such a positive movement.

Don’t let these people get to you. Their thoughts are not going to put food on your table or help you achieve your goals faster. They have no power unless you give them that control over your life, so please don’t let their negative comments get the best of you. Continue to be the best version of yourself and let them speak. They will get the hint when you don’t say anything back. It’s like a dog barking at the moon. Pointless. Be the moon, dear. Keep shining. You know your worth. Forget what haters have to say.

Cardi B, “Get Up 10”

“Man, I said we gon’ win/ Knock me down nine times but I get up ten/ Look myself in the mirror,  I say we gon’ win/ Knock me down nine times but I get up ten”

No matter how many times you have made the attempt to try something new, follow Cardi B’s lead and get back up again. Cardi B teaches us how to keep moving forward regardless of a few setbacks. If you want something bad enough, you should put forth the effort to keep practicing until you are able to see progress. Once progress has been achieved, you will be able to look back and understand that the hard work you put in was worth it. It’s okay to fall down, sis! Just get back up and learn from your mistakes. Trust me, it makes you stronger and oh, so resilient. When you have succeeded in your pursuit to greatness, you can pass the baton to help others level up.

Rapsody, “Sassy”

“Oh, you mad that I survived and I ain’t comin’ down/ Squad! Squad! Squad! Squad baby, look around/ See me coming, see me coming/ We ain’t slowin’ down/ On the way up, on the way up/ You can’t touch me now”

I am all for these lyrics. Rapsody teaches us the importance of leveling up with your tribe. There is no “I” in team. The people around you can influence your ability to thrive in life. Your circle should consist of people who inspire you to grow mentally and spiritually. When your squad consists of women you aspire to be or women whom you admire, how can you lose? You are destined to win. Support each other and meet each other at the top. When you are a part of a squad, its magical. The feeling of being supported to the fullest will make you feel invincible and appreciated.  

Lauryn Hill, “I Get Out”

“I get out, I’ll get out of all your boxes/ I get out, you can’t hold me in these chains/ I’ll get out, Father free me from this bondage/ Knowin’ my condition is the reason I must change”  

Change is necessary in order to grow. Although you may be in an undesirable predicament right now, have faith that you will find a way to escape all of the “boxes” designed to keep you down.  Lauryn Hill teaches us the importance of acknowledging our current condition (mental, physical and emotional). Once you understand where you are, it is easier to design a blueprint and get to where you want to be in life.

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