Mac Tha God talks Hip-Hop politics, what it takes to be happy & the importance of self-care

Welcome to the ninth edition of The Intellects. Today, we’re chatting with one of North Carolina’s finest emcees, Mac Tha God.

This 22-year-old, is new to the rap game, but don’t be fooled. His freestyle skills can draw a crowd and his ability to deliver powerful punchlines will have you thinking he’s a Hip-Hop veteran. Mac Tha God has worked so hard on his latest EP, “NorthWay”, which was released on May 7th. Available on all streaming platforms, you too can see what has his fans raving for more.

Mac Tha God stays true to his southern roots by representing N.C. to the fullest on almost every track. With his growing social media fanbase, followers share videos of themselves vibing to his catchy tunes. Being such a people’s person and a relatable emcee is one of the main reasons why he is able to retain his following and continue to rise to the top.


Q: How has Hip-Hop saved your life?

A: I grew up in a small, easy to get in trouble town. Hip-Hop allowed me to express myself rather than get into crime.

Q: What types of qualities must a rapper possess in order for him to be deemed as Hip-Hop’s greatest?

A: How I see Hip-Hop is way different than how other people see it nowadays. To me, you gotta have flow, bars, and believability. That along with a message. Stand for something. Then you’ll be on your way to being the G.O.A.T.

Q: Should DJs, A&R reps and other gatekeepers be held accountable for the lack of diversity in mainstream Hip-Hop music?

A: Yes, they should. There’s so many talented people with a great work ethic that can’t be heard because the local DJ or A&R rep wants a favor or money to play ya record. Plus they only wanna blast a song that has already blown up, instead of blowing a song up.

Q: I think anyone who wants to become a rapper should appreciate the Hip-Hop culture, respect its origin, and care about lyrics. Those are my minimum prerequisites for artists getting into the game. What’s yours?

A: Honestly, I know everybody can’t be a Nas, or a Hov, or a Pac. But, just care about the culture and don’t make songs just for money. Inspire somebody. Be inspirational to someone playing your song.

Q: What does it take to be happy within without relying on outside influences?

A: It takes loving yourself, understanding, and high self-esteem. It’s all about you. Nobody cares until you make them care. There are always going to be people who hate, just keep pushin’ and be your own cheerleader.

Q: Describe your fashion style in three words.

A: Simple. Authentic. Retro.

Q: How many years have you had your locs? What made you start?

A: I would say about two or three years. I also had braids before I locked my hair. So my hair was already long. But honestly, being a Black man from The South, I really wanted to embrace my blackness unapologetically.

Q: What is your favorite hairstyle to rock and why?

A: It depends on how I feel. Right now I’m really feelin’ letting my hair down with two-strand twists. But, usually I get two or six braids going straight back. For the summer, I’ll probably rock the two-strand look.

Q: When was the last time you pampered yourself?

A: I’m a really simple guy, so I don’t do things for myself often, but the other week I got my feet and nails cleaned at a nail salon. There’s nothing wrong with a man getting his nails done. Gettin’ your nails cleaned is okay fellas. It’s important to do things that are not only good for you, but things that also make you feel good.

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  1. This here is amazing! I love the positive energy and transparency. Mayah and MAC are both on their way to being G.O.A.T.’s. Keep this up!

  2. Great interview and thoughtful questions. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about MAC!
    I think it’s cool that MAC practices self care and knows that men can pamper themselves too.

    1. Wow! I’m glad you found this interview to be great! Thank you so much. Honestly, I loved this interview too. MAC is a fantastic artist. He radiates such positive energy that can be felt through his music.

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