The number one reason why I took a digital hiatus

It’s been one year since I’ve written a blog post. ONE YEAR. That’s a pretty long time here in the blogosphere. Sorry about the abrupt disappearance act I pulled. My absence was intentional, but next time I promise to give my loyal tribe a heads up. Did you miss me? I definitely missed you! It feels really good to be back, but before I start posting articles and getting back into the swing of things, I have fruits (food for thought) in my bag that I would like to share with you. You deserve to learn about the number one reason why I took a digital hiatus and how it has affected me mentally.

Last year, I found myself staying on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for hours doing absolutely nothing. You can really fall down the digital rabbit hole like I did if you’re not careful. This daily habit wasn’t beneficial to my overall success as a blogger or an entrepreneur. I spent many nights being unproductive because I decided to take a stroll through the ‘Gram.

Writing takes time, hard work, dedication and plenty of focus. Staying glued to my phone every single day just drained me of my creativity. I knew things had to change. Feeling drained after being online for hours is the main reason why I took the time to gather my thoughts offline.

Being a slave to social media has never been my thing. I love it, but it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can take me away from focusing on what really matters to me the most — family, friends and my career. Being distracted from my purpose wasn’t the game plan, therefore a break was necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with being on social media. I’ve networked with some amazing boss goddesses. I’ve even met my first creative marketing client online. Social media can bring forth so many blessings. As for me, by stepping away for one year, I was able to be more in tune with God, reflect on my passion, and produce a lot of content.

When my life is full of distractions, I tend to isolate myself from the world. By doing so, I seek answers from not only myself but from God as well. During my digital hiatus, I was able to spend more time with God through prayer, poetry and reading books. One book that I think everyone should read is called “How to Walk” by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. He has a book series that teaches you the art of mindful meditation. Before this book, I’ve never heard of walking meditation. The whole point of walking meditation is to be aware that you are walking, breathing and that you are alive. After reading this book, my walking pace is slower as opposed to rushing. I also smile while walking. In return, people smile back. What they don’t know is that I’m happy because I’m thinking positive thoughts every step of the way.

Getting in tune with God calmed down my drunken monkey mindset. By practicing mindfulness, I was able to develop a deeper understanding of myself. I began reflecting on who I am as a person, what thoughts I entertained daily, my strengths and my weaknesses. I analyzed personal behaviors and thought of ways to be more intentional with my life. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy by not even believing in yourself enough to chase your dreams and live life abundantly. We only have one life to live and I plan on living my life like it’s golden. Isn’t that what Jilly from Philly said? Through all my prayer, meditation and reflecting, the universe had my back. Trust me, if you take steps towards God, he will take more towards you.

If you’re wondering what I did creatively while taking a digital detox, let me just say, I was doing a lot of writing. During my hiatus, I filled my notebooks up with creative content. I jotted down poems, stories, workshop ideas and more. This year, I will unveil most of the visions I crafted behind the scenes. Please expect us to engage with our tribe (that’s you) more. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our every move. You don’t want to miss out. More is definitely on the way, so please stay tuned.

I’m back and ready to share with the world what I have in store for Fruit of May. I’m more focused than ever. Fruit of May is my business and I take my job seriously. With that being said, enthusiasm will be presented throughout the content we have to share. Yes, I said, “we.” Last year I worked alone. This year I brought along a special friend, my favorite cousin and my soul sister, Brittany S. Carr. She will act as a digital content producer. Please read her bio here.

Why am I back?

I’m a private person. I like to keep to myself as much as possible, but keeping to yourself isn’t always a good thing when you’re trying to promote a brand. First of all, if you don’t post frequently, then people will forget about you. That’s one major reason why I’m back. I want to help my followers know the importance of self-love. I believe I have a voice and a story that’s worth sharing. So, 2019 will be a year dedicated to me being more consistent. Consistency bears fruit and here at Fruit of May, that’s what we are all about.

A lot of good has come from taking a digital hiatus. I was able to engage in deep thinking with no influence from the internet. This spurt of energy gave me the fuel to understand my next move. I also got rid of relationships that were not nourishing my soul. I’m proud of myself because I have really taken the time to connect to my higher self.

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want, you already are.” -Rumi

Do you take breaks from social media sometimes?

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  1. “Writing takes time, hard work, dedication and plenty of focus. Staying glued to my phone every single day just drained me of my creativity. I knew things had to change. Feeling drained after being online for hours is the main reason why I took the time to gather my thoughts offline.”

    I loved this entire piece! Specifically that section speaks to me directly! Everything we need to write about comes from our own minds and experiences. There’s nothing wrong with outside inspiration, but true creation is a spur on the inside!

    Well written, Mayah!

    1. Thank you, Sienna! You’re right. We are unique people with our own unique experiences. Someone will appreciate the work we all have to share. If one person doesn’t relate to me another person will. Everything I do comes from my heart. 🌹💕

    1. Thanks. That’s right, Nathan! Sometimes you have to fall back just to get further in life. A year hiatus has really made a difference in my life.

  2. Sometimes we all need a digital detox! I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Taking a brief break from social media/online will help me reflect on my life and focus on what’s next…

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