The journey to creating my dream job part 1: The Beginning

My dream job was never a job at all. I always wanted to be a business owner ever since I can remember. The type of business always changed as I grew up, but owning a business was always the dream. I was highly influenced by my mom’s entrepreneurial spirit. She owned a daycare center, a home daycare, and a consignment shop. Seeing that as a child inspired me to make sure once I got older to have that same drive— to make money on my own terms doing something I love.

After graduating from Meredith College in 2011 with my bachelor’s degree, I knew anything was possible and I was ready to pursue all I knew was available to me. However, once I returned home to Rocky Mount, North Carolina after being in the “big city” of Raleigh, reality hit, and I realized if I wanted to really do something with my life, staying in Rocky Mount was not going to accomplish that.

I started out as a pharmacy technician, then I was finally able to get a job in my field around April of 2013 — working as a HR Assistant then eventually promoted to HR Coordinator, one step away from HR Director. The HR Director actually left and I was given the opportunity to run the entire HR department myself, but without a change in title just a change in pay, so no worries. My first corporate job was love, and I had no complaints whatsoever. Unfortunately, I had to leave that role due to the concern of future lay-offs and a company acquisition.

The next role, however, was completely different. I felt isolated. I was the only Black woman in my department, and one of three total Black women in the entire company. The entire company culture was completely different from my personal culture and I was expected to be a completely different person when I crossed the threshold every day. I couldn’t be myself without getting funny looks. Being myself meaning in what I talked about at work for small talk, what I ate, what I did for fun after work, etc. The more everyone realized I was different, the worst it got, until the inevitable happened – they let me go.

Fast-forward to me getting married in 2016 and relocating to Texas at the end of 2017. I took a job during that time that was definitely below my pay expectations and education level, but having income was necessary, so I had to do what I had to do until I could do better. One day, my husband and I both decided that enough was enough, and we set out on an adventure to Texas with nothing saved up or lined up, just a dream that things would be better if we left North Carolina behind and started over.

I had an awesome work-from-home job in the HR field that was intended to be an in-the-office job, but because of my circumstances, my manager was lenient. She trusted me, and allowed me to work for a year straight from home. I was the only Black person there, but because of the freedom to work from home, I did not have to deal with the awkwardness that was present in the other role. Texas turned out to be promising, but it still didn’t pan out as we hoped which brings us to 2019. We are back in North Carolina. We came back discouraged, but being the optimistic person that I am, I was on a mission to figure out what we could do without having to depend on other people and a job to take care of ourselves.

Relocating back to my hometown gave me enough willpower to kickstart my own business in March of 2019. Brittany Carr Consulting was birthed out of knowing that I had knowledge and expertise that could turn into a profitable business offering. It also birthed out of frustration with our financial situation, and the painful idea of going back into the corporate world after having the luxury of working from home on my own terms. The thought of working for someone else was equivalent to having all my teeth pulled out. I am a proud, first-generation 4-year college student with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with minors in Finance and Ethics, and a Master of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Leadership and Healthcare Management. I am currently studying to obtain a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management.

I figured if my last manager could do it (own her own business), then so could I. We have the same degrees, so why not?

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