It is more rewarding to live for today than to worry about tomorrow

I turned in my step team and cheerleading uniforms because my family was preparing for a big move. My dad got a job offer out-of-state and I just knew my life would change for the better. We were moving far away from Rocky Mount, North Carolina to someplace in Pennsylvania.

I was overjoyed at the idea of waking up to a brand new environment. Since I didn’t believe my hometown had any incentives for youngsters to prosper, I was sold on calling Pennsylvania my new home.

Every day, before we officially relocated to our new state, I would help my mom pack our belongings in boxes, and imagine how my new teachers would look. I also figured everyone would be nice to me at my new school. At the tender age of 12, I was ignorant of the ills of the world. Because my family and I were moving, I actually thought the grass would be greener on the other side. According to my parents, this was naive thinking.

One day, while walking to the corner convenient mart with my dad, we began to talk about our big move out-of-state. I never expressed to him that I was overjoyed about my future which kept me distanced from my present. My dad could sense that I was living for tomorrow and said, “Just because we are moving does not guarantee you will have a life more satisfying than now. Appreciate where you are now.” That had me thinking, he’s right. From that point on, I decided to focus on the now. You never know what tomorrow will bring. It’s easy to plan for the future. How many of us are living for today?

We ended up not moving. At least I learned that life is more fulfilling when you focus on today.

Below are 3 ways to live for today:

1. Be enthusiastic about everything you do – Whether you’re getting ready for work, washing dishes, or greeting someone, try to sprinkle a dash of enthusiasm in the mix. Your mind and body language can set the tone for your entire day. Having an energetic spirit is sure to get you hype and excited about the infinite opportunities today has to offer. Life isn’t perfect and can be so unpredictable. It’s not about the situation that comes your way, it’s all about how resilient you are after the storm.

2. Stop worrying about tomorrow – Focus on tomorrow when tomorrow gets here. Find the beauty in today. It’s fine to have a big imagination and to plan a fantastic future. Planning keeps us on track to reaching our goals. Just be careful. You don’t want to keep dreaming and forget to put in the work for today. Do all you can today. Giving your all is enough. Tomorrow will take care of itself. God willing, tomorrow will present you with lots of roses and sunshine. If it doesn’t then so be it. Try not to let the thought of tomorrow overwhelm you.

3. Lift up someone’s spirit – Listen to the stories people wish to share with you without any judgment. They thought highly enough of you to engage in a conversation about what’s happening in their life. That’s a big deal. Giving is more rewarding than receiving. Today, I challenge you to smile, give someone a gift, or let your mom play her favorite song in the car. Whatever you do, just give back to the people you love. It never hurts to give to a stranger. Focus on someone else’s happiness. In return, it is guaranteed to make you happy too.

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