Chernise Harris on creating infinite possibilities for herself & others

The future lies in the hands of the creators. They unlock unimaginable doors and break down tradition. Creators help us believe that anything is possible. Their innovations will leave a lasting mark on this planet and their greatness will forever be etched in our minds.

Before she was an entrepreneur, Chernise “Nise” Harris was a determined creator. She was a music producer and engineer.

Harris believed that one day her creations would outlive her. Nowadays she’s on a different path, but still determined to have her work live on forever. She’s made it her mission to fulfill that dream.

“I grind the way that I do to be a trailblazer for my family and my community,” said Harris. “I work to create a brand and a reputation that others are proud to be associated with. I want to be an example of what’s possible.”

The Virginia native is the creative director of EmpyBoxOverflowing Design Studio, Virginia’s No. 1 video marketing agency.

Long before she started her business, its name was right under her nose waiting for the perfect moment to shine.

“For a long time, EmptyBoxOverflowing was the name of my unfinished music album,” said Harris.

The album was meant to be a collaborative project featuring artists she’s worked with before.

“I fell in love with the name and it was pretty much the obvious choice when I needed to name the creative service it has now become,” said Harris.

EmptyBoxOverflowing is another way of saying, “think outside the box.” Her professionalism and fearless approach to every project proves she has done just that—think differently and unconventionally. It takes a visionary mindset to produce content for a variety of people, including community leaders. Harris has done it all.

In 2017, Harris was able to work on her most memorable project to date, which has opened many doors for her company.

“I am most proud of my work with the Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Newport News, Tiffany Boyle,” said Harris. “Our team did the majority of the videography for the campaign in which she won on November 7, 2017.

“I was the creative director for the video production and people only got a tiny glimpse into my creativity, but we received so much positive feedback for our work,” Harris continued. “Working on that campaign also lead to several other video production opportunities.”

The self-proclaimed creative genius says she genuinely believes in the projects she produces with her team. All in all, they collectively share and support the passion of each client.

“I do it for my family,” said Harris. “ I do it for my community. And I do it for our culture.”

With so many projects ahead of her, Harris seems very confident in herself, her team and their skills.

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