7 easy ways to declutter your life!

Sometimes it may take years for us to get rid of the things that hinder our ability to succeed in life.

We may harbor junk in our personal, professional and digital life because we are afraid to let chaos and confusion go. Starting over is scary, but it can be liberating too.

In order to prosper mentally and spiritually, we must move on and leave dead weight behind! Being intentional about how we spend our time is as important as creating a clutter-free space where we can relax and be free.

Here are seven tips geared to keep you organized in your day-to-day activities. Try one tip or try them all. Just remember, when you eliminate stress from your world, it makes room for beautiful things to blossom.

1. Create an organized office environment- Your workspace should be a place where you go to think creatively. This environment should promote innovative thoughts. If it is cluttered, how can you work more efficiently and stay focused? In this case, less is more! You can start organizing your office area by shedding unnecessary paperwork and filing the rest. A document tray can be helpful. It allows you to have a filing system that prioritizes your projects.

2. Make time for yourself- Get to know yourself while cultivating stillness. Take at least 10 minutes to focus on YOU! Some people meditate before or after work. Whether you like to meditate, write in your diary, listen to music or daydream, please don’t forget about yourself. Oftentimes we get wrapped up in work and forget to unwind and recharge. Not taking brief mental and physical breaks throughout the day can be a detriment to our overall well-being.

3. Delete unwanted emails + more-
Email: Have you ever looked at your phone and noticed your email icon had thousands of unread messages? If your answer is yes, then you may need to flag content in order to keep track of priority messages. Make sure to erase junk or unwanted emails the moment you see them pop-up in your inbox. Also, create and categorize folders. Take a few days to get your inbox in tick-tock condition. You won’t regret it!

Social Media: It is highly important to guard your energy everywhere you go, especially on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Be careful of the people, groups, etc. you follow. Make sure their views closely align with yours. If you don’t like violence, stop following someone who condone such behavior. The takeaway here is to declutter everything on social media that’s not uplifting you emotionally and mentally. You need supporters, not energy vampires.

Also, you should consider taking a digital detox, a temporary break, from your social media accounts. This gives you the chance to unwind, recharge and reflect on life.

4. Donate or giveaway old items- If you never use or wear the item, give it to someone who will. This creates a clean look for not only your closet, but your entire home. Furniture, jewelry, purses, appliances and shoes are a few things you can donate or giveaway. There’s no limit to the things you can clear away in your home. By the way, rethink keeping items for sentimental reasons. Do you really need your high school graduation gown?

5. Choose your tribe wisely- Your friends should inspire and motivate you to achieve personal and professional success.

6. Organize the garden in your mind- The seeds that you plant in your mind will bear either good or bad fruit. Make sure to think positive thoughts and uproot the negative ones when they pop into your mind.

7. Commit to what you can- Never agree to a commitment if you don’t have a good amount of time to focus on it solely. If you have to rush all day because you’re booked back to back, you’re doing the most. Relieve your stress by saying NO to the things you can’t do NOW. Take a rain check or deny the request completely if you need more time. For the obligations you agree to, make sure they add value to your life.

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