Joe Budden isn’t a fan of ‘spoken rap’ & says Chance the Rapper’s new song is ‘too positive’

Chance the Rapper is unapologetically taking hip-hop back to its socially and politically conscious roots. He is not doing this alone, but he is definitely the nucleus of my discussion. Chance’s admirable and inspirational lyrics can empower a nation. Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling his positive vibes. 

Boisterous rapper Joe Budden spoke out about the Chicago native’s new untitled song on Complex’s Everyday Struggle and said it was “too positive.” Can rap lyrics be too positive nowadays?

On Monday, September 25, Chance the Rapper premiered his new song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Chance flowed over a smooth guitar medley, performed by Daniel Caesar, while sitting down on a stool in a dimmed room. The song had a poetic feel to it. Chance did what all lyricists like to do… he captivated his audience through the art of storytelling.

Budden said Chance the Rapper should “cock a glock” in order for his lyrics to have more validity in the rap game. He also grouped other rappers like J. Cole and Drake in the “clean” rap category.

Budden asked, “Is this the only way we can get on television and perform our music on Late Night with Colbert is to start whispering and finger snapping?”

He used the term “spoken rap” to describe Chance’s performance. Also, Budden explained how the humanitarian’s tone of voice was undesirable. 

I’m all about positive messages and thought provoking lyrics in rap songs. I like Chance the Rapper because he is an artist I can relate to. That’s what music is all about. We listen to certain artists because we thoroughly enjoy how they make us feel. Each artist has their own way of packaging their story. Chance chose the poetic route for his new song. I’m not mad at that. I’m not mad at that at all.

Click on the video below to watch Chance’s performance from Colbert’s show:

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