Negative friends: How many of us have them?

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide who to kick out of your friendship circle. Remember, your friends should inspire and motivate you to achieve personal and professional success. Keep your energy level high by surrounding yourself with people who reflect your inner beauty.

Listed below are 3 types of people I try to avoid:

1. Pessimistic Pauline
People who are always complaining about their problems rarely make ideal friends. Don’t get me wrong, Pessimistic Pauline may be a good person, but her negative energy is enough to pull an elephant down. Overtime, her anguish may get the best of you and cause you to inherit her pessimistic view of the world.

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2. Ms. Competition
Being friends with Ms. Competition is tiring and a bit stressful. She is the jealous type. Be very careful! Ms. Competition is always in your business. She wants to know all about your latest accomplishments just to outdo you.

3. The Rambler
This type of friend likes to tell long stories with no end. She rambles and doesn’t give you the opportunity to engage in the conversation. It’s like you’re her therapist and she’s your client. Listening to your friend’s problems is not a bad thing. We all need words of wisdom that’ll give us enough hope to overcome whatever obstacle is in front of us. I’ll tell you what…If you start to feel drained after listening to your friend perform countless monologues, you might want to love her from a distance.

Energies are contagious. Are your friends holding you back or lifting you up?

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