How to bounce back after feeling defeated

Everyone on the planet is responsible for their own happiness. No one should be able to control how you feel on the inside. No one should be able to provoke you. You should be grounded like a tree.

We all know that being strong is not always easy to do.

Sometimes we break just like trees. This means we’ve reached our tipping point – the point that makes us feel defeated.

When we’ve reached this point, that’s when we have to fall down. Pray. Meditate. Shelter ourselves from the cold world and try to find a way to get better. Try to find a way to heal. Try to find a way to know who we are within.

If we don’t take the time to understand why we fell in the first place, we’ll never know how to move past what’s hurting us.

Unlike trees, when we break, we can always bounce back.

The Game Plan:

Connect – If you are feeling defeated, don’t be afraid to ask God for guidance. Face your fears by praying or meditating daily to better understand your situation and to resolve it.

Also, it’s helpful to talk to friends or family about what’s going on. Their advice is meant to help you get through the healing process.

If talking to friends or family is out of the picture, why not talk to a stranger? Join an organization or a sister circle to share your thoughts. It can be therapeutic.

The point is to get your frustrations out of your system.

Isolate – Step away from social media or anything that’s distracting you. You must focus on what’s at hand and try to overcome it. The point of isolation is to get inspired again.

Aspire –  Get back to you, boo. Let nature inspire you to achieve whatever you desire. Nature has a way to help people find their purpose in life.

Focus on your ambitions and try to gain clarity. How? Be in the moment. Forget about what’s happening in your life right now. Forget about what’s going to happen. Just let go.

Reflect – Understand everyones role in the situation including your own. Accept what went down and plot on your comeback.

I pray you’ll bounce back like no other. I did.

This is my testimony. What’s yours?

How did you bounce back after feeling defeated?

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  1. Beautiful writing sis continue to inspire the people of God. Blessings to you!!!

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