Take a digital detox and see what happens

There is no shame in my game when I take a digital detox. Sometimes I stop watching TV and get off social media for weeks. Occasionally, I may refrain from phone conversations or texting. Why? I need to recharge.

When I’m no longer dependent on technology, it gives me the chance to focus on creating an inner peace that will endure the test of time. 

Disconnecting from the world for a brief moment makes me happy. My environment is a reflection of my inner peace. If I am not balanced, I don’t feel my best.

Did you know we spend more time online than we do asleep? Now, you know it’s time for a mental break! 

When I take a digital detox, I like to do things like read, write dope poems, go on an adventure, meditate and spend quality time with family.

Plus, there are major benefits when I unplug. I’ve noticed how productive I am once I stop checking my personal email accounts, Facebook, YouTube and searching Google.

Creativity hits me hard when I take a digital detox. My mind is able to engage in deep thinking with no influence from the internet. I become intellectually curious on a philosophical level. I come alive. It’s like my inner genius comes out to play! 

Sometimes when I’m online, I’m told what to think. Taking the time to focus on my ideas for a change is a blessing! 

If you want to figure out your next best move, I advise you to clear your mind by taking a digital detox!

When was the last time you unplugged for 24 hours or more?

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  1. Oh Lady. I truly Love this. I will be doing this. I so badly need it. Ive Been Trying to Figure out some things. But It Wouldn’t come to me. The Light just went on inside of me. and I connected with what you said. thank you so much for this important information.

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