Top 4 things I don’t mind splurging on

Everyone deserves to splurge a little bit! You only get one life to live. Why not occasionally buy the things that give you inner peace and make you happy?

Although I’m not a high roller, I will treat myself from time to time. I like to pay extra for the things I can’t live without. Being cheap on myself is out of the question.

Below is a list of four things I don’t mind splurging on:

1. Stationary kits 

I loooooove notebooks, pens, cute sticky notes and the whole shebang! When creativity calls, I have to be ready. Since I’m a poet and a writer, you will find a plethora of notebooks on my desk. They make me feel excited to work! Sometimes I’m too scared to write in my notebooks because they are so beautiful. I know that sounds silly, but I’m serious. Some women have a designer purse fetish. Nope. Not I! If you want to get on my good side, buy me a dope stationary kit with bright colors, decorative patterns and inspirational sayings on it. Please and thank you kindly!

2. Food 

This year, I made the decision to eat healthier. So far, I was able to eliminate meat from my diet. It’s been a long road, but I have more hurdles to jump and rocks to climb. Nobody said eating plant-based foods would be easy, but it’s definitely not as hard as I thought it would be. Splurging on fruits and vegetables was worth it! My skin is glowing. I’ve always had acne-prone skin and now I see less breakouts. When you take the time to pay attention to the needs of your body, you will do anything to care for it. Food is my medicine. I chose to let it heal me.

3. Shoes

When it’s time for me to buy new shoes, quality really matters. I look for shoes that satisfy my unique taste in fashion and comfort level. Oh, the shoes also have to be durable enough to last a few years. I’m not hating on Payless, but those shoes hurt my feet and they don’t last long. I usually end up buying more shoes in the long run if I go the cheap route. Again, I’m not a high roller. It’s important for me to splurge on shoes because it saves me time and money if I buy a good pair the first time.

4. Hair products

OMG! It’s been one year and four months since I did the “BIG CHOP.” Now that I’m natural, I’ve been experimenting with different stuff, including Taliah Waajid and Aunt Jackie’s natural hair care products. Their products really nourish my hair, leaving it shiny, bouncy and gorgeous. Every single day I get compliments on my hair. If I can help it, I will never have a bad hair day! My hair products will always be on deck.

Thank you for reading my list. What are four things you don’t mind splurging on?

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