Unmask: Celebrate the real you

Masks are worn when we want to hide behind insecurities and self-doubt. They prevent us from reaching our full potential. When we hide behind masks, we are accepting what other people think of us.

Masks are also worn to make others feel comfortable, while suppressing the real you. Remember, in order for you to truly follow your dreams and take charge of your life, you must begin the process of unmasking.

There are endless possibilities when you have a burning desire to follow your heart. Don’t be afraid and don’t hold yourself back. Let go and heal from your past. 

Remove the mask of self-doubt. Be bold in your skin. We weren’t crafted from cookie cutters, therefore we should graciously take the time to admire ourselves inside and out. From your head to your toes, you are undeniably spectacular.

When your mask is off, you will know it. You will begin to gain courage. You’ll feel a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. You will start to see the real you and begin to like it. You’ll finally get the chance to appreciate the person who was hiding behind the mask. 

This deserves a celebration!

Have you started the process of unmasking? If not, what’s holding you back?

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