How to survive a spiritually draining world

If you are all about peace and minding your own business in a world full of energy drainers—keep reading.

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This world can be so cold. Some people do not have compassion for others and images of violence displayed on TV and social networking sites make you sick to your stomach. These are just a few things that contribute to you wanting to book the first flight to a place where no one knows your name.

Believe me, you’re not the only one!

Instead of running away, below are a few tips on how to survive a spiritually draining world:

  • Stop telling your business to everyone- This is one of the most important tips of them all. People shouldn’t even know your next move until it is accomplished. Be careful who you share your personal business with. Everyone is not happy to see you succeed. 
  • Unplug- Erase negative energy from your life. Do what you have to do to be relieved from the nonsense that is happening all around you. Stop watching TV for a week or take a Facebook hiatus. Whatever you do, make sure you stick to it.
  • Trust in yourself and your abilities to the fullest- Never stop pursuing your dreams. Even when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep going. Let go of all of your insecurities and just BE the best YOU can possibly be!
  • Find peace within- You should be your own cheerleader. We know ourselves more than anyone, therefore we should be more willing to value our strengths and take the time to work on our weaknesses. No one is perfect. Accept the things about yourself that you can’t change. Forget about what others may think of you. We are perfectly imperfect, which makes us unique.
  • Don’t take things personally- Some people are rude. There’s no excuse to being so rude. Since you’re a compassionate person, you understand that they may not be mad at you. They may be experiencing difficulties in their life. Demand respect, but also never take things personally.
  • Speak up- Always say what has to be said. Hiding your voice is for the birds! 
  • Have a support system– Boyfriend. Mother. Father. Sister. Brother. Uncle. Aunt. Grandmother. Grandfather. Best friend. Co-worker. The list goes on… It doesn’t matter how many people are in your circle. Just make sure they care for you. Share your world with them and be willing to connect on a deeper level.
  • Get a hobby- Think about what you truly like doing, then just do it. Create special projects for yourself. Even give yourself a deadline to complete this task. Having a hobby will allow you to focus on helping your community, writing a book, building a bird house, or whatever it is you like to do.
  • Stop gossiping- Enough said!
  • Control your emotions- Don’t let this world take you out of charater.

How do you survive a spiritually draining world? 

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