Living on purpose can miraculously change your life

By: Yomi Love

Are you living on purpose or by default? Sometimes we aren’t making conscious choices on a daily basis. Majority of our daily choices have been programmed into our subconscious mind and they become routine.

Once they become routine, we don’t have to think about them and our subconscious mind takes over.

If we don’t take time out to be intentional with our life, then our whole life can be consumed with routine and we end up living by default rather than living on purpose.

So many of our choices come from cultural programming that we have just accepted.

Are you living a life that you love or are you living a life that your parents, clergy or society conditioned you to live? If you want to live the life that you love, you have to take charge and live on purpose.

Become conscious of every aspect of your life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Set intentions for every aspect of your life. You will no longer mindlessly go through life. You will become an active participant in your life!

One of the biggest life choices I made was to become conscious about my health. It totally disrupted my whole life to the point where my whole self-identity changed.

I ended up in the hospital due to kidney failure. I knew I had to make a change. I could not keep living the same life if I was going to heal myself. I was determined to heal myself. I decided right then and there I would never smoke or drink again and I would become vegetarian. Eventually I decided to go further and I became vegan.

As I became more and more conscious, my old self withered away. My lifestyle changed, my beliefs changed and my circle of friends changed.

I had my own moment of clarity and was born again as someone who is health conscious.

Living as a vegan was not easy. Hanging out late at night inevitably became my downfall. I would get hungry late at night and my options were limited. I would end up defaulting back to eating junk food like pizza or fries.

Finally, I made the conscious decision that if I was going to stick to being vegan, my lifestyle had to change. I couldn’t go hanging out late at night as much. This meant I couldn’t hang out with the same set of friends. I had to find new friends who were just as interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Once I realized being vegan wasn’t just a diet but a lifestyle, I attracted more health conscious people into my life. My social activities changed.

I started to exercise more, read more about a holistic lifestyle and eventually started to live a more holistic lifestyle.

My old self died away and my old cravings died away. My new vegan self was born. I let go of old habits, which opened me up to new possibilities, new ways of thinking and new ways of being.

Everyday I set out with the intention of being healthier until making healthy choices became my default choice. I now live my life on purpose. I am conscious of the foods I put into my body. I am conscious of the people I interact with. I am conscious of my emotions.

Most of all, I am conscious about developing myself on all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


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