The importance of raising your vibration

This world is a big ball of energy. Everything in the universe has high and low vibrational frequencies.

Your vibration is simply the reflection of your inner thoughts. In other words, you are what you think. Raising one’s vibration is an effective way to send positive energy into the universe.

When your vibration is high, you move through life purposefully. You live a more balanced and happy life. When your vibration is low, you feel disconnected from God and unfulfilled. Being cynical and skeptical about everything is a sure way to manifest more conflict into your life.

Below are a few tips to help raise your vibration:

  • Get rid of negative friends- Negative people are spiritually and emotionally draining! They don’t add value to your personal growth. Negative energy can bring down the most positive person. Overall, energy vampires never make good friends.
  • Eat right and drink plenty of water- Eating fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of chronic diseases. It is a gift to mankind. These tasty treats are jam packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Staying hydrated is also important. Dehydration can trigger headaches. We all hate headaches! Drinking water can also help maximize physical performance.
  • Be one with nature- Spending time in nature can make you feel better. People suffering from stress, sickness, or trauma can heal by tending to their garden, walking, or hiking through the woods.
  • Think good thoughts- Perspective is everything. Some people get in an undesirable situation and go downhill. Others thrive, because they elevate their mind and find ways to get past the tough situation. Whatever is holding you back in life, just let it go! Forgive them. Forgive yourself. You can control your world by paying attention to your thoughts. Water your mind and watch the seeds of prosperity grow!
  • Speak life- Control your tongue. Words defile a man. Never put yourself or others down with condescending words. If you want to spread love, speak life into your existence.
  • Meditate- Our minds are like a drunken monkey. Go to your quiet place and concentrate on “the next best move,” as Oprah Winfrey would say.
  •  Aim to be happy- Have a high expectancy of happiness every day. What you focus on, through faith will happen.
  •  Respect others- Generosity goes a long way. Elevating your mind, eating right and exercising means nothing if you treat people badly. Listen to friends and family. Ask them about their day. Hold the door for a stranger. Don’t be afraid to help others. What you give, you’ll definitely receive back one way or another. Things have a way of coming back full circle.
  • Write it down- Get a notebook and write down your long-term and short-term goals. Focusing on what you like to do will make you excited. Make sure you take action and achieve what you set out to do. The pen is mightier than the sword, so write down your dreams and make things happen.

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