Loving me again

My heart cherished the beauty of God once I learned how to truly love myself.

I fell in love with my inner and outer beauty when I cut my hair off on August 16, 2015.

I’ve always loved myself and God, but in 2015, I decided to completely embrace my identity. It was the beginning of me having a better appreciation for my mind, body and soul.

As my stylist snipped away my heat damaged hair, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. At that very moment, the door of my awakening swung open and out came a burst of positive energy.

This energy radiated a yellow glow. The glow fell on top of my head like a halo and I felt free. I was free of my insecurities.

My life changed for the better from that point on.

I uprooted some people out of my life to avoid negativity and even started eating right. I’m not perfect, but I also began walking down the path of a holistic lifestyle.

I am me again, nappy curls and all. I’m more beautiful than before. Now, I’m unstoppable.

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