8 ways to boost positive thinking

“Knowing my condition is the reason I must change.” -Lauryn Hill

Your mind is like a garden and you are the gardener. In order to grow a prosperous garden, you must eliminate the weeds growing in your mind.

Weeds represent chaos and confusion. Organize the garden of your mind.

Take time to uproot negative thoughts before they become a nuisance. Relax your mind. Don’t let it become overwhelmed with intolerable weeds.

What seeds are you planting inside of your mind?

8 ways to boost positive thinking

1. Wake up early

Get in the habit of rising early in the morning. Sleeping in bed until midday will not help you accomplish anything. Waking up early allows you to take control of your life. You can take your sweet time accomplishing small tasks before you start your day. The morning is smoother when you wake up early. It sets the foundation for a grand day.

2. Envision the day ahead

Envision your day from beginning to end and then make it happen. You can create your own story. Watch it unfold and smile. Yes, you do have the power to move mountains with your mind.

3. Unwind

Sneak into your quiet place and look within to find all the answers you need. Take at least 10 minutes to focus on you. Use this time to reflect on your life. The kingdom of God resides in you! Get to know yourself while cultivating stillness. When we let go of fear, anger, depression, anxiety and pain, we take steps closer to healing. The process of healing starts within ourselves. We must face the evils in our lives in order to understand them. Once they are understood, we can plot on a solution to moving past the darkness. Darkness only exists because of the absence of the light. Unwind and elevate your mind.

4. Smile

Smile and your world will change. People will smile back at you. Smiling is highly contagious. You will invite positive vibes into your life. Smiling can provoke you to think happy thoughts. Also, remain enthusiastic in everything you do. Enthusiasm breeds gratitude. When you are grateful, you appreciate life more.

5. Daily affirmations

Affirmations are statements you declare to be true. It is a powerful positive statement that you use to manifest your destiny. When you perform affirmations, you declare to the universe a command. Write down affirmations to uplift your spirit and read them daily. Internalize these statements.  Examples: “I always act in the present. I do it now.” “I am intelligent.”

6. Connect with God

Don’t distance yourself from God. Talk to Him. Connect with Him. Tragedy knocks on our doors when we isolate ourselves from God. God is love. Let God in your life. There are many ways we can connect with Him, including praying, appreciating his gift to you and embracing nature.

7. Build your tribe

Your friends should be an extension of you. Connect with people who share the same interests in life. Surround yourself with people who care about your well-being and truly want to see you succeed. In other words, befriend people who will add value to your life.

8. Think like a winner

You are what you think you are worth. Think like a winner. Learn new skills every day and believe anything is possible. Winners never give up.

Were these tips helpful? Maybe you have other tips to share.

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